04 setembro 2012

Encontros didácticos

Os "Learning Events" son obradoiros online breves e intensos que tratan varios temas. Desenvólvense na plataforma Learnig Labs e están dirixidos por expertos no tema, que inclúen traballos e debates prácticos entre os participantes.

Eis a lista dos encontros deste trimestre:

  • Integrating eTwinning into the curriculum

    Date: 24.09.2012 to 05.10.2012
    Expert: Meeri Sild  Language: English
    Applications open: 17 September
    Participation in projects is often considered to be an extra task that teachers and their students do after lessons. Have you ever considered how to integrate project tasks into your curriculum? Let's find out how to do it, how to create cross-curriculum activities and which tools might help you in this process.

  • Art, history and philosophy for eTwinning projects

    Date: 01.10.2012 to 13.10.2012
    Expert: Adam Stepinski       Language: Polish
    Applications open: 24 September
    This event will deal with the ways of exploiting art, history and philosophy in eTwinning, including - how to tailor and conduct a successful interdisciplinary project based on the three subjects. 

  • Creating Music in eTwinning

    Date: 05.10.2012 to 19.10.2012
    Expert: Kurt Schlegel     Language: English
    Applications open: 28 September
    Do you need music for your presentation or project website, but you are not a musician? Do you need sounds for your video in your TwinSpace, but you know it’s not legal just to use your mp3-collection. I this workshop I will show you, how to find and produce music, legally and royalty free. even if you can't play an instrument.

  • ‘Uniendo los puntos’

    Date: 08.10.2012 to 18.10.2012
    Expert: Pedro Moreno     Language: Spanish
    Applications open: 1 October
    2.0 collaborative tools and hosting spaces aimed at the creation and edition of multimedia classroom activities. The learning event pursues to analyse the teaching possibilities of these resources to develop an eTwinning project through a game based methodology and to encourage interaction and collaboration among the participants. 

  • Future School - School in 2020

    Date: 05.11.2012 to 22.11.2012
    Expert: Tiina Sarisalmi    Language: English
    Applications open: 31 October
    How will we learn in 2020? In what kind of environments will learning take place? What will be the role of the teacher in the networked school?  What will be defined as key skills and contents in the curriculum of 2020? - In this Learning Event we’ll discuss and share ideas and create scenarios about the school of the future. What would you like it to be like?

  • Xplore biotechnology in health science through eTwinning projects

    Date: 12.11.2012 to 23.11.2012
    Expert: Rosina Malagrida  Language: English
    Applications open: 5 November
    This event will present innovative ways to teach applications and research lines of biotechnology in health science using resources from the Xplore Health project. The event will introduce games, videos and virtual experiments that teachers can use in eTwinning projects to introduce the different advances that biotechnologies have brought to the society, and the techniques that are being used in current health research. Teachers will also have the opportunity to be trained on how to organise collaborative debates on the ethical, legal and social implications that surround biotechnology.

  • eTwinning and Vocational Training

    Date: 14.11.2012 to 28.11.2012
    Expert: Gregor Berger    Language: English
    Applications open: 7 November
    In this event you will learn how eTwinning projects can be implemented in  vocational education subjects  through the use of Web 2.0 tools.  We will also explore project planning as well as ideas for the effective the coordination of the different partners.

  • Motivating Maths

    Date: 26.11.2012 to 07.12.2012
    Expert: Siegfried Maillard    Language: French
    Applications open: 19 November
    This event will focus on different ways to give meaning to Maths inside and outside the classroom. Participants will share their experiences and approaches to motivating pupils in Maths class, and explore ways of confronting them with concrete, interdisciplinary examples of Maths in the real world. Key factors in initiating European projects will also be addressed.  

  • Using Multimedia in eTwinning

    Date: 28.11.2012 to 12.12.2012
    Expert: Karl Malbert    Language: Swedish
    Applications open:    date to be announced
    The aim of this Learning Event is to inspire teachers to use multimedia with their pupils in eTwinning projects and other pedagogical activities. During this event teachers of all age groups will learn how to use cartoons, mind maps, radio and video in their eTwinning work.