03 fevereiro 2015

Socio, busco socio

(Ou "socia, busco socia")
... como dicía a canción do Xabarín Club :-D

A Embaixadora belga Inge De Cleyn está á procura de socios galegos para participar nun proxecto sobre a Páscoa, alguén se anima?

I started a new eTwinning project. With this project we want to connect eTwinning starters with more experienced eTwinners in a project about Easter.
We want to keep it very simple and it will be a short project. The aim of the project is to share pictures about Easter in different countries. What are typical activities, do we have special food, how are we decorating, what is our culture about Easter?
If you want to join the project, just send me a message. Of course you can also motivate others to join the project. It is open for everyone.