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25.11.12 - Grab a microphone and join us!

Alina Balan

Pupils from many countries talk about themselves, their schools, their towns, their hobbies, their lives.
Subjects: Cross Curricular, European Studies, Foreign Languages
Languages: DE - EN - ES - FR - IT
Pupil's age: 10 - 16
Aims: Pupils practise speaking by making videos and podcasts. They practise listening by completing a quiz about the recordings of their partners. They learn more about the lives of their partners in other countries.
Work process: Each partner school will upload at least one contribution a month for the next six months. There will be a new topic each month.
Expected results: The project will result in a database of listening and video comprehension tasks which will provide insight into the lives of pupils all around Europe.

24.09.12 - Ecoloxía en Educación Infantil

Kremena Marinova

Hello colleagues, I'm pre-shcool teacher. These days I will start new eTwinning ecological project and I looking for partners. If you are interested I will inform you for further details.
Greetings from Bulgaria

14.09.12 - Dickens Year 2012

Aneta Szadziewska

I would like to invite you to project about Dickens Year 2012.  We would like to collaborate with schools from Great Britain but not only. If you are interested in Dickens (biography, books:  A Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist), English literature write me answer. I have idea to make short but interesting project (from october to december, 5 tasks). I have experience with etwinning and I was winner in Europe, so don't afraid collaboration with me!
Greetings from Poland!

14.07.12 - Sono2

Rossana Falsetti

The project "sono2" will probably start after the middle of October, two general objectives: cultural integration and inclusion of disabled students. E 'for students aged children (3-7 years) and older (7-14 years) ...
In September (2012-13) I would like to take another path that can be adapted to different age groups, we will make a historical, anthropological, linguistic, musical, self-discovery and cultural roots over time are provided for laboratory . If interest continues after this description, please e-mail me and I will (also Fecebook) ... I structured things simple, I like to leave all free to build their own path of being the authors ...
I am happy to have the project Parners of "I am" and new partners
Greetings from Italy, and good weekend

13.07.12 - Discovering Europe

Assimina Lambrakou

Hello, I teach English to French students in the North-East of France, and I plan to run a project about discovering Europe with a group of 12-13 years-old children with low-learning abilities, in English (they are in a special needs section, known as SEGPA in France - so their English is quite poor.
That means it would be OK to have younger partners as well, to stick to the same language level).
I plan to work with their geography teacher.
We'd like to have as many European partners as possible (the best thing would be one partner from each European country), and to work on a question-and-answer basis in order to create a book about Europe with an ID card for each country.
We could also exchange songs, send postcards, say a few words about the way we celebrate Christmas - or not ...
We are already a couple of countries in: France, Greece, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Romania, Great-Britain ... but we'd like to work with all the European countries, so we need you!!

We'd like to work from late September 2012 till May 2013.
I often come on this forum, but feel free to write to my email address, it's easier for me:

Thanks, hope to read you soon ...

One more thing: I've run quite a lot of projects already, I'm an eTwinning ambassador, so are several of our partners, but beginning eTwinners are more than welcome!! We can help ... ;O)"

so..! is anyone to join us in this project???? :))))

13.07.12 - Proxecto de Primaria

Fatima Duerden

Any Spanish primary school interested in doing a project with a London school next year with children aged 10-11?

02.02.12 - The earth is our home

Jolanta Okuniewska

Hello! We come from Poland and we're looking for partner to project connected with ecology. We want to point out the easy ways of recycling and ecology problems in our towns. My project is designed for children at the age of 5-6. If you like to get more information, click
If you're interested in this project contact with me:

08.12.11 - Bring your own spoon

Özge Altunsayar

Salutations from Turkey l have worked in Bahsis Primary school as a mathematics teacher. My school was situated south of Turkey.

Now we are two partners. Turkey and Romania. we would like you to be in this project with us.

Let’s mention about aim of our Project; Actually meal culture has a big effect and power on our life. But we are left no choice that we have fast, hurry-up, unhealthy nutrition. Even our children face a serious danger:”obesity”. We want to take a step for being reunited with the old, nice, happy, healthy tables with our Project. We as a crew believe that in the old days table brings family together and now it brings you and us together. When we sit down to a meal together, we will get to know and understand each other beter, we love each other more. We want to be near you about working of projects.

03.12.11 - Experimental teaching method

Murat Tek

Would you like something to your students without speaking?

We have developed an experimental teaching method in which the teacher just prepares the special learning environment without taking an active role in teaching process. We are looking for partners who will contribute to us and our method in this process.

Our school name is Damlama Sehit Methmet Akif Sönmez Primary School, Turkey.
Contact email address:

01.04.11 - Kindergarten

Karmen Kogovšek

I am a kindergarten teacher in a group of children 2-4 years old. I am looking for a contact for an opening project in the school year 2011/12. I would like to work with another interested kindergarten teachers across the Europe.
Please contact me on my email:

01.04.11 - Theatre rocks!

Veronika Tavčar

Watching the movie, reading the story in English, listening to its English audio abridged edition, taking part in drama trust and improvisation games in English (Drama Education), getting to know how the theatre works.
Crosscurricular work is done with the children. Email: